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Fresno City Hall

A Message from the Former President of Fresno Sister Cities

I want to welcome you to the Fresno Sister Cities website. We are a 501(C)(3) non profit organization, officially supported by the City of Fresno and our many citizen volunteers. This is a Mayor-to-Mayor city partnership, with citizen diplomats volunteering on each committee.

We are the umbrella organization that supports the activities of Fresno's six Sister City Committees. Fresno's City Council members serve as Ambassadors to their choice of Sister City and are an invaluable resource. The embassies and consulates around the world are also very supportive of our efforts and encourage exchanges as a proven benefit to their efforts in diplomacy.

The individual committees are the best way to get involved personally with our many activities. Click on the links to each Committee to learn more, or for the contact information to each of the Chairmen.

Our city is one of 1,300 U.S. chapters of Sister Cities International, based in Washington, D.C. This international organization helps support the development of partnerships between U.S. cities like ours and cities around the world. The main criterion in starting and maintaining a city-to-city partnership is that there be a demonstration of grassroots support in both cities.  

We invite you to explore the rest of the website and contact us if you have any questions. I am available to speak to your organization about our student exchanges, the scholarship program and our business internships. We especially encourage you to join one of our six Sister City Committees. They would enjoy your interest and you will be enriched by the experience! 

Warmest regards,

Lisa Murray,
Former President

Board of Directors

Mayor Ashley Swearengin, City of Fresno – Chairman of the Board
Lisa Parker-Murray – Former President
Allan Jendian – President
Linda Ginise – Treasurer
Glen Roberts- Economics Adviser
Mariza Ponce-  Marketing Director

                   – Council Ambassador to Etchmiadzin
Sal Quintero – Council Ambassador to Verona
                   – Council Ambassador to Afula
Blong Xiong – Council Ambassador to Kochi

Vahagn Bznouni - Etchmaidzin, Armenia Chair
Lisa Murray – Münster, Germany Chair
Pat R. DiCicco – Verona, Italy Chair
 Ken Taniguchi – Kochi, Japan Chair
Armando Rodriguez – Torreon, Mexico Chair
Eugene Wong – Taishan, China Chair - Pending Sister City
Pierre-Paul Villafafila – Nimes, France Chair - Exploratory Sister City

Current Sister Cities

Etchmiadzin, Armenia
Council Ambassador – 
Chair – Vahagn Bznouni

Münster, Germany
Council Ambassador – 
Chair – Lisa Murray

Afula, Israel
Council Ambassador – 
Chair – Sue Gandenberger

Verona, Italy
Council Ambassador – Sal Quintero
Chair – Pat R. DiCicco

Kochi, Japan
Council Ambassador – 
Chair – Ken Taniguchi

Torreon, Mexico
Council Ambassador - 
Chair - Armando Rodriguez

Pending Sister Cities

Taishan, China
Chair – Eugene Wong

Exploratory Sister Cities Committees

Nimes, France
Chair – Pierre-Paul Villafafila

Inactive Sister Cities

Lahore, Pakistan

Taraz, Khazakstan (formerly Djambul, Russia)

Ba’Quabah, Iraq

Fresno and Münster  have teamed up again!
Touchdown in Fresno is an exchange where the American Football players in our German sister city get to see how we do Football.  Nick Yovino Jr. and the Muenster Delegation teamed up for about a year, organizing about 40 players from Germany to practice with the Bullard Football team for one week.  During that week, they also went to many football games, including games from Stanford and Fresno State.  It was a great success!
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