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Fresno City Hall

A Message from the President of Fresno Sister Cities

Welcome to the Sister Cities International of Fresno's website.  As a not-for-profit 501 (C) (3) organization, the Fresno Board of Directors oversees and supports the activities of Fresno's Sister City Committees: Etchmiadzin, Armenia; Taishan, China; Kochi, Japan; Muenster, Germany; Verona, Italy; and Torreon, Mexico.

Fresno's Mayor, Ashley Swearengin, is Chairman of the Board, which consists of executive officers and the chairpersons of each sister city committee.  The Board meets regularly to strengthen its relationship with each of the committees.

Sister Cities International, based in Washington, D.C., assists in the development of partnerships between cities in the United States and cities around the world.  Their mission is to promote cultural, business, and student exchange programs between sister cities.

We encourage you to browse through the websites, and if you are interested in participating, consider joining one of the sister city committees.


Allan Y. Jendian

Sister Cities International of Fresno
Cell (559) 313-7483

Board of Directors

Mayor Ashley Swearengin, City of Fresno - Chairman of the Board
Allan Jendian - President
Anna Maria - Secretary
Linda Ginise - Treasurer

Current Sister Cities

Etchmiadzin, Armenia
Council Ambassador – 
Chair – Vahagn Bznouni

Münster, Germany
Council Ambassador – 
Chair – Lisa Murray

Châteauroux, France
Chair – Denise Ulrich

Verona, Italy
Council Ambassador – Sal Quintero
Chair – Pat R. DiCicco

Kochi, Japan
Council Ambassador – 
Chair – Ken Taniguchi

Torreon, Mexico
Council Ambassador - 
Chair - Armando Rodriguez
No email

Pending Sister Cities

Taishan, China
Chair – Eugene Wong
No email

Inactive Sister Cities

Lahore, Pakistan

Taraz, Khazakstan (formerly Djambul, Russia)

Ba’Quabah, Iraq

Afula, Isreal

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