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Chair – Ken Taniguchi  



Fresno Sister Cities and Fresno Unified School Districts teamed up with Kochi, Japan to give children in the valley a new cultural learning experience. Fresno Unified wrote an article and created a video (posted below) to document this great event.

"Students from Holland Elementary School had the chance to meet visitors from Kochi, Japan as the school celebrates a 50-year connection with Kochi and one of its schools, Enokuchi Elementary School. A 25-member delegation from Kochi observed American educational/instructional practices at Holland as part of a visit that also included meeting with the mayor and city officials. The school prepared a special welcome.
Holland Elementary’s connection to Enokuchi Elementary began in 1965 as part of the city of Fresno’s involvement in the Sister Cities program. About a year ago, retired Fresno Unified principal Don Beauregard delivered mementos from Holland to Enokuchi students, who sent various souvenirs back with him for Holland students. The renewed connection with Enokuchi school has expanded Holland students’ world view and increased their knowledge of Japanese culture."

Curious about Kochi?  This brochure tells a bit about the city:    Kochi_Guidebook.pdf
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                            FRESNO-KOCHI SISTER CITIES

        2011 -2012 Newsletter         

“Shin Nen Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu” from The Kochi Committee!

The Fresno/Kochi sister city delegation left Fresno on June 28th, visited Kochi and returned back on July 4th.  Fresno City Councilmember Blong Xiong joined the group and was the principle official from the City of Fresno to our delegation.






Kochi hosted our group with a fantastic experience and 2012 is our time to return the favor when Kochi’s delegation visits us in October.  Plans are being formulated by the committee and we welcome any volunteer families who would like to participate in hosting a guest or two as part of a short home visit.


Please feel free to contact committee members for any questions you may have, and check out the Sister Cities website at where you can join on line by selecting Kochi on the application form.

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