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Our Sister City Exchange Raises Awareness and Changes Lives

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Student Ambassadors

The Fresno Sister Cities Youth Ambassador Scholarship Program will send high school foreign language students to participating sister cities during the 2014 Summer vacation period.  This program provides students with a unique opportunity to broaden their perception of the world, while offering them an enriching summer exchange experience they will never forget.  Your teen will live with a student of the same sex and age in an English-speaking host family.  

Scholarships for 2014

High school foreign language students in Fresno County will be eligible to win a Fresno Sister Cities Scholarship to Munster, Germany, during the Summer of 2014 for six weeks.  In addition, two $500 scholarships will be granted by the Nicholas Henebury Memorial Scholarship Fund on the basis of an essay competition.


Larry Powell, Superintendent of the Fresno County Office of Education has partnered with Sister Cities International of Fresno to raise teacher and parent awareness of the student high school exchange programs available. A reception was held at the FCOE on October 7, 2009 for all of Fresno County’s Foreign Language Teachers.

Mission statement: The Fresno County Office of Education supports strong academic programs, career technical education and the arts, as we work to create a culture rich society where the whole child is important. FCOE will continue to provide support to meet the challenges of the 21st Century and help our students become successful in the new global economy.

This is Fresno’s only official City-sponsored exchange program. Fresno Mayors have participated in Sister Cities over the past 52 years, from its inception in 1957 to this day.


To interest students in enrolling in Fresno’s sister city foreign language exchange programs. This grant will aid the student in his/her personal and academic studies by providing travel, hosting and a language immersion course.

To Encourage:

Fresno County teachers to go themselves; or take their class on an international, educational exchange. French & German classes can both choose to go to Germany. Both language courses and hosting have been donated by the City of Muenster for this special educational program. Teaching classes for a summer, a semester, or for a year can be arranged through Fresno’s Sister Cities Program.  


All high school foreign language students in Fresno County may apply to their language teacher. Applications should include an essay on why they wish to study in the sister city. 


Being hosted requires that the student’s family host an exchange student in return.

Application Deadline:

April 15, 2014



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